Diabetes WA

Reduce your risk

The exact cause of type 2 diabetes is currently unknown, however, we do know that there is a range of factors that will put you at increased risk of developing the condition.

Some of these risk factors cannot be changed, but there are also some that you can do something about.

Risk factors you cannot change include:

  • your age (people over 40 have a higher risk)
  • a family history of diabetes
  • being of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Melanesian, Polynesian, Chinese or Indian subcontinent descent
  • a history of gestational diabetes or polycystic ovary syndrome
  • a mental health condition
  • a history of heart disease.

Risk factors you can change include:

  • being overweight or obese
  • being physically inactive
  • having poor eating habits
  • smoking
  • high cholesterol or blood pressure.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a powerful way to prevent type 2 diabetes. This involves:

Maintain a healthy weight

Eating for good health

Get Active

Quit Smoking

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