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What does the program involve?

The program kicks off with a welcome email in your introductory week, containing the logbook and Calorie King (online food diary) User Guide. You can choose to print these, or just print the log charts which you will use to monitor your progress (four pages) and refer to the rest electronically if required.

During this week you will also receive a pedometer and tape measure in the post, and you will prepare for the start of your program the following week. This includes working through the Mathematics of Weight Loss section in the logbook to find out your personal daily energy requirements.

All you will then need to do then is:

  • Read your weekly emails.
  • Record your food intake and exercise on at least four days per week.
  • Record your weekly weight and waist measurements.
  • Set yourself monthly nutrition and exercise goals and strategies to involve family and friends every four weeks.

To keep motivation up, you can also chose to opt in to receive weekly text messages. Details on how to do this are provided in your introduction email.

How much weight can I lose?

Men that have used the program as recommended have lost almost 10kg over the 12 week program (4-5kg on average). These results are comparable with intensive weight loss programs that require face-to-face sessions with a dietitian or exercise physiologist. Weight loss can range from person to person, dependent on your age, height, weight, diet and levels of physical activity, but any loss will improve your health.

Is SHED-IT a diet?

SHED-IT isn’t a diet. The program is all about making small changes in your lifestyle, and logging your progress throughout the program. It’s all about energy balance, what you eat and drink, and how much you energy you burn through activity.

Are meal plans included?

SHED-IT doesn’t provide meal plans. We want you to assess what you’re currently eating and focus on reducing the energy (measured in kilojoules) you consume in your food and drinks. We are happy to recommend places to go for healthy recipes if needed.

How accurate is the pedometer?

Your pedometer is a basic tool which is a rough guide to how many steps you take. If you are looking for something super accurate, use a Fitbit, an app on your mobile phone (if you carry it in your pocket) or even your own pedometer. If you pedometer is faulty, please let the SHED-IT team know and we will post you a replacement.

Are there any discounts involved for the program?

There are no discounts for SHED-IT, the program involves a flat fee of $75 plus postage. SHED-IT is the cheapest and best value weight loss program in Australia.

Do I have to log my food diary and steps every day?

You only need to log your food, drink and physical activity on four days of the week, ideally two days during the working week and two on the weekend. You can log more days if you prefer, but four days is sufficient to achieve your goals in the program.

Do I have to use Calorie King?

We strongly recommend you use Calorie King on your SHED-IT journey, however you can use any app or program which enables you to log your food, drink and physical activity. Another good alternative is MyFitnessPal. Calorie King is free, but involves a cost if you would like to download the app for your phone.

I have an existing medical condition, can I still do SHED-IT?

Before signing up to SHED-IT check with your GP or other health professional to see if would be suitable for you. The program is designed for men of all ages and abilities, but it is always worth checking.




For further information you can email our SHED-IT team or call us on 1300 001 880.

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