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How do I find the next diabetes workshop near me?

How to check the workshop calendar

For updated locations and dates check out our online calendar. Click on “FILTER EVENTS” underneath the month you have selected. You can filter by event type (workshop name), region and event location.

For example, search for all DESMOND workshops in January, any February workshops in the Midwest (see screenshot) and filter what’s available in March in Joondalup. Don’t forget to switch back to “all” when you want to see all options again.

You will see the current month by default. To switch months, use the arrows next to the month or click “jump months” at the top.

If an event appears crossed out, it is fully booked. We recommend booking early.

Need help finding the right workshop type? Read the workshop guide. Know already what to book? Fill in the online booking form.

Diabetes WA workshops Midwest February 2019
Example: search for all workshops in the Midwest region in February

Downloadable versions

If you prefer to download a pdf, choose from the options below. Please note, these are only updated once a month, while the calendar on our website is constantly updated. Check the online calendar for current locations and dates. Booked out events appear crossed out on our website. The pdf versions don’t show availability.

PDF flyer Perth Metro area overview
Diabetes WA diabetes workshops Perth Metro are January to March 2019 as of 20122018
PDF poster WA regional areas overview
Diabetes WA workshops regional areas January to March 2019 as of 20122018
PDF posters WA individual regional areas


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