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Diabetes support groups in Western Australia

A diabetes support group is a group of people with diabetes, who regularly get together to share information, experiences and knowledge. Some groups provide on line support.

Group members support each other and work together to improve each other’s quality of life.

In most instances, the support groups are led by individuals living with diabetes rather than diabetes educators or other health professionals. Being part of a support group and receiving advice is complementary to professional care.


Type 1 support groups

The Telethon Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre supports children and their families to face the challenges of type 1 diabetes with confidence. The facility has many uses: meeting place, education space, diabetes clinic, chill-out space for adolescents, and a place to play. Contact the centre on 9446 6446 or visit the website (external link).

Area Group Contact
Online YWAIT (Young Western Australian Insulin Takers)

18-30 year olds, but all are welcome.

Online support on Facebook.

Meet up socially, also hold occasional events

Rachel Lamb


Online WAIT (Western Australian Insulin Takers)

30+ year olds, but all are welcome.

Online support on Facebook.

Meet up socially, also hold occasional events.

Julie-Anne Watson

Phone: 0432 955 616

Email: westernaustralianinsulintakers

Online myD – Young adults with type 1

Facebook page for young people with type 1 diabetes

Visit myD (external link).
Northern metro Parents of children with type 1

Meets regularly at different locations.

Children welcome to attend.

Olivia Marcinkowski

Phone: 0410 556 935



Mixed support groups: type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Bridgetown Diabetes Support Group

Meetings 10.00am on first Tuesday of the month at the Old Convent.


Joyce Ingram

Phone: 9761 4208

Osborne Park and Innaloo


Diabetes Support Group

Meet at 9.30am on the fourth Thursday of month at the Innaloo Sportsman’s Club.

Gwen Stonehouse

Phone: 9204 1510

Rockingham Diabetes Support Group

Monthly meetings at local cafe.

June Streeter

Phone: 9527 3850


Yanchep and Two Rocks area Diabetes Support Group

Meetings at 10.00am on 3rd Wednesday of month

June Sims

Phone: 9561 1174


Special support groups

Support group for people with Peripheral Neuropathy.

  • Meets on the second Monday of the month in Nedlands.
  • Phone June Gascoigne on 9296 7190 or email for further information and next meeting date.

For more information on each support group, we encourage you to contact the support group leader.

Starting a support group

To register your support group, or your interest in starting a support group, please email the Diabetes WA community relations team or call us on 1300 001 880.

We can provide you with resources to help you start a group and promote your contact details to other interested parties.

Support group resources

Support Groups Association WA Inc is the peak body for self help and support groups in WA.

Diabetes Counselling offers group counselling and support via Facebook.

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