Our Organisation

Diabetes WA

Formed in 1965, Diabetes WA is a not-for-profit, member based organisation that has served the Western Australian community for more than 50 years.

Such a milestone is a result of the work of our dedicated staff, the guidance of our volunteer board and a strict adherence to sound governance principles.

Our Governance

Diabetes WA is a WA Incorporated Association governed by a Board of eight voluntary directors, who are legally responsible and accountable for governing and controlling our organisation.

The role of the Board is to ensure that Diabetes WA achieves its goals and that, in the pursuit of these goals, it meets all of the legal and moral responsibilities and requirements of good corporate governance.

The Board meets every two months and scrutinises strategic, management and operational reports provided by the CEO.

Our Constitution

The Board’s responsibilities and processes are set out in our constitution, The Rules of Diabetes Association of Western Australia (Inc). The constitution has been lodged with the WA Department of Consumer Protection.

Included in our constitution is information on the goals of our organisation plus the role, powers and election of the Board and its Members. Read our constitution (PDF 266KB).

Board Training

All Board Members undertake a comprehensive induction which outlines their legal responsibilities as a director and provides general information about Diabetes WA and relevant policies.

These policies include – but are not limited to – our code of conduct, conflicts of interest, decision making framework, contentious issues and stakeholder engagement.

Our Committees

The Board also forms two specialist committees based on experience and qualifications for further independent scrutiny of management and policy.

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